Very Polish

If sausage is your only association with Poland, you might be really surprised by the fact that within last few years, Poland has become an important European travel nation. The polish market grows in at fast pace and so does the purchasing power of almost 40 million Poles, and they are willing to travel more and more. So how should you approach Polish tourists? How should you promote your destination?

Terminal M offers expert knowledge of Poland as an Incoming-Destination. We help to strengthen your brand in the Polish market. In each marketing phase we will support you with our know-how – from development of creative ideas to an evaluation of your success. 

We know how to find the story that will mesmerise your target group; we know as well to whom, when and how to tell this story, in order to draw the attention of Polish tourists to your offer, and we know how to convert their interest into a booking.

consulting, marketing and communictations strategies, conceptions, idea developement, cross-marketing, advertising and media planning, event management, trade fairs, roadshows, customer events, press trips, translations